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Mahoney Dock Sales, LLC services both residential and commercial dock systems. Our knowledge, experience, and customer service are second to none.

Services include:

  • Sale of Quality Docks and PWC / Boat Lifts from hand selected suppliers.
    Mahoney Dock Sales, LLC is an authorized dealer for several lines of products. Let us help you determine the best setup for your lakeshore needs.
  • Seasonal Installation of Docks and Boat / PWC Lifts
    Without training or experience, installing a dock or lift can be frustrating and time-consuming. The safety of your family and watercraft depends on the proper installation of your equipment. Let the experienced experts take care of it!
  • Seasonal Removal of Docks and Boat / PWC Lifts
    Protect your investment from the winter elements. We will remove and store your equipment on your property based on your direction.
  • Dock and Boat / PWC Lift Maintenance and Repairs
    Maintaining your dock is just as important as the installation process. Our team typically provides maintenance during the seasonal removal and installation process. We ensure all of your dock hardware is tight and properly connected. We will let you know if parts are showing signs of wear and can properly repair the problem.
  • Dock Leveling
    The lake bottom shifts and changes during the season. If you find that your dock or lift is not as stable as it was when it was installed. Let us make the appropriate adjustments to level the dock or lift.
Mahoney Dock Sales, LLC